About Our Practice

The idea of using Dandelions as the main ingredient came from my grandmother, always swearing they weren't weeds but a really healthy ingredient to salads. From this as a basic concept, I started my own Dandelion nursery and began making oil infusions to reap the anti-oxidant and pain relieving benefits of the flower. From what began as something to help me save money on expensive Western Pharmacy, turned to something I wanted to serve to others. Western society goes straight to the lab for extreme profit, when all we have to do is learn to plant a seed.
The main Philosophy I wanted to base the company around was the fact we could produce healing agents straight from Mother Nature herself. With a background in Vedic Tradition, folk herbalism, and ancestral heritage of Ireland, not only do our products promote the medicinal side of plants but also the spiritual. Although we have borders around the world culturally, the connecting thread to everyone's beginning is from the sun, moon, and soil. 
Our ingredients are:
- Ethically sourced and bought from small businesses
- Organic + Natural
- Vegan + Cruelty free
- Handmade in small batches to ensure quality