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from the garden

Dandelyons exists at the place where sustainability, skincare, and plant-based wellness align.


  • The Body Honey was a life saver for my 3 year old. We kept trying expensive prescriptions and everything else for her eczema, but it all failed except this. Life saver!!!!!"

    Mary Anne

  • I stopped using my RX muscle pain reliever because your muscle balm worked better. Stronger relief, scent is nicer...thank you!

    Tom Rivera

  • I love the body honey! Really a great product! I've found it so calming. And it's strong but not greasy.


vegan | cruelty free | 100% natural

our mission

We lean on a foundation of herbalist principles to create products designed to heal, soothe, and bring relief to the body first — and to the soul second. At Dandelyons, we are advocates for balanced, holistic self-love: the kind that restores our fractured connections with ourselves, with each other, and with Mother Earth.